Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is BoldTek a product-based or service-based company?

BoldTek is an IT service-based company.

2. What services does BoldTek offer to its clients?

BoldTek offers state-of-the-art technology services in areas like Application Management, Blockchain Technology, Data Management, Cloud Services, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It also offers IT Consulting as one of its core services along with having partnership with SmartConnect, the Intel(R) Gold IoT Solutions Partner, as a System Integrator for deploying IoT solutions, globally.

3. How BoldTek maintains the confidentiality of its client's data?

BoldTek maintains the utmost confidentiality of its client’s data by strictly adhering to the company policy of data security, signing the NDA with its clients, encrypting data using renowned cloud-based platforms like Azure, AWS, and sticking to the company’s core values of integrity and trust.

4. What is the procedure to onboard with BoldTek?

BoldTek follows a smooth onboarding process for its clients by discovering the potentiality of offering its service expertise, analyzing the requirement from the client side, transitioning the work process with team-building collaboration from both ends, and with documented and delivery support for the project execution.

5. Does BoldTek have a global recognition?

Yes, BoldTek does have a global recognition in the form of an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, helping in streamlining of the internal Quality Management system with increased consistency in Business Process, resulting in gaining customer trust and satisfaction with better execution of the client’s delivery services.

6. How long being BoldTek is in the IT sector?

BoldTek has been in the IT Service industry for 7 years, serving its hi-tech clients in various state-of-the-art technology areas. However, its top executives have a collective experience of 25+ years in the industry, serving multiple clients in the global market.

7. How BoldTek is different from its competitors?

BoldTek offers some unique advantages to its clients which clearly differentiates the company from gaining the trust of its customers like :

  1. Innovation, backed by agility and flexibility.

  2. Offering MVP (Minimal Viable Product) at a no / minimal cost.

  3. Having a global presence in countries like USA, India, Taiwan, and Singapore.

  4. A dedicated team of experts for every project deliverable.

  5. Expertise in working with hi-tech clients like HP Inc., AMD, and Jabil.

8. Where is BoldTek headquartered in?

BoldTek is having its headquarters in the USA (Colorado), with offices in other US states as well like California and Texas. It also has delivery centers in India, Taiwan, and Singapore.

9. What kind of projects being executed by BoldTek so far?

BoldTek has worked on multiple projects right from its existence. Some of the high level projects worth mentioning are :

  1. Building a high-end diagnostic tool to run on the factory setup.

  2. BIOS-embedded code development.

  3. Supply-Chain management system using Blockchain technology.

  4. Hardware malfunction detection using Machine Learning.

  5. Location tracking using geo-spatial analytics.

  6. Developing custom ERP Application, and

  7. SaaS-based CRM and HRMS applications.

10. Does BoldTek have a product of its own?

Yes, BoldTek is developing SaaS-based CRM and HRM Applications. These applications are designed keeping in view the company’s brand introduction toward product viability, which is to be released soon in the global market.

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