How Technology is Transforming Businesses

Samiran Sarma September 30, 2021 0 Comments

Technology is not just a mere word for us now. It has surrounded the day-to-day lives of every human being, no matter what work he is involved in. We live and breathe technology in today’s time. According to a study, the worldwide spending on technology has reached $3.4 billion and it is increasing at a rapid pace. This data is based on every household and enterprise spending money on new gadgets and tech products.


Businesses have been highly benefited from technology over the years. The most recent advancement being Artificial Intelligence which deals with every sector like automobile, healthcare, logistics, finance, retail and whatnot. Today, every enterprise, be it a large or an SME is largely dependent on the technological aspects to bring more revenue for the growth of the organization.

Below I have listed some of the most common ways how technology has transformed businesses and their growth.

  1. Rise of Automation: The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has paved the way for businesses to automate the whole work process and drastically reducing the time and effort of their workforce and wield them in other productive tasks. But by no means it is meant that AI has replaced human workers. However, professionals need to understand its roles and responsibilities in their organizations and quickly adapt to it. 
  2. Use of Mobile Application: Mobile applications or commonly abbreviated as Apps has been an added advantage for businesses to expand their reach and presence in front of their customers.  Every company wants to showcase its services and products on mobile devices and the best way to do it is by listing in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The convenience of the internet in pocket-friendly devices has helped users to download and use these apps very easily.
  3. Cloud Storage: There has always been a comparison between physical storage and cloud storage. Although both of them have their own pros and cons, but due to the ease of accessibility, Cloud Storage has always garnered more attention with services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS and Azure playing a vital role in bringing cloud storage closer to its audience; be it an individual or any business.
  4. Digital Marketing: Today’s era is completely based on digitization and when it comes to the marketing of products or services, every business wants to have a workforce with good Digital Marketing skills who can bring potential leads and work towards the growth of the organization. In a broader sense, a Marketing professional should have the skills and knowledge to present the company’s offerings via Digital platforms like Social Media, Email Marketing, Ad Campaigns, SEO, SMM and others.

The above highlighting points are just a few of the numerous tactics on how Technology is helping today’s businesses grow. But, one thing is for sure, without the use of Information Technology, no business, whether small or large, can survive in this fast-paced world and only via technology, they can cater the need for real-time problem-solving solutions.

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