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ProfileTailor Dynamics GRC:

ProfileTailor Dynamics (PTD) GRC provides security, authorization and access control (SoD) for SAP, other ERP's and Business Applications. It ensures that the Authorization of Roles are granted only after analyzing and mitigating the Access Control risk.

ProfileTailor™ Dynamics SoD:

ProfileTailor Dynamics (PTD) SoD: offers an out-of-the-box SoD ruleset for organizations to analyze which roles are being utilized in SAP or ERP and other business applications and if they pose any access control risk to the organization.

ProfileTailor License Auditor:

Continuous Optimization of SAP Licensing - Enterprises are compelled to find possible ways to secure their SAP investments and manage their SAP licenses effectively due to SAP's complex licensing environment. ProfileTailor License Auditor provides ultimate control over SAP licensing by combining user inspection, user behavior-analysis methods and best practices
ProfileTaylor Dynamics GRC
  • User Profiling, User Monitoring & Cybersecurity
  • Role Management
  • Access Control
  • Access Certification & Remediation
  • License Auditor
  • IP, Terminal/Device, Geography, Login Time for each app. & Actions – Usage Logs (which table) browser & Programs were executed, query name remote functions etc.  • Transactions executed • Application Usage • Role Usage
  • Role creation, Usage and re-engineering
  • Role Advisor – Best role with least SOD risk • Role Builder • Role Splitter • Role Replacer
  • Out of box Rule Set & Validation, Risk Identification & Analysis • Dynamic detection • Conflict Resolver
  • Who has access to what and who approved it Usage based(transactions executed), access or usage not in line with profile, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly access certification and remediation.
ProfileTailor Dynamics (PTD) SoD

After integration with SAP or other ERP’s, PTD performs a discovery process within a few hours on the Role and User Level SoD violations, which an Auditor would usually request in order to mitigate the SoD risk. PTD can also look at potential SoD violations that users may have on multiple applications that they are using.

ProfileTailor License Auditor
  • Real-time graphical and statistical presentation of SAP license utilization
  • Automatic user-matching across different systems and applications to avoid duplicate license counts
  • Reclassification of licenses based on actual user behavior.
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