About the partnership

BoldTek and SmartConnect IoT work on a strategic partnership collaboration to establish state-of-the-art IoT solutions for individuals, businesses and organizations who want to leverage the use of this modern era technology for the deployment of SMART solutions in their day-to-day functionalities.

With SmartConnect; the Intel(R) Gold IoT Solutions Partner leading the way in revolutionizing the way of providing businesses with end-to-end IoT solutions and the deployment of its no-code SmartConnect IoT Server Gateway Software facilitating clients in aggregating and monitoring process control sensor data with the preferred choice of delivering On-Prem/Hybrid/Cloud Platform; paving the way of Digital Transformation for organizations.

The Smart Connect Intel RRK (RFP Ready Kits) helps make the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) a reality for users of industrial systems, establishing a secure “smart connect” legacy and other offline sensors and equipment to advanced analytics engines, asset management systems, dashboards and web applications.

Case Study

Want to explore more? Read these sample case studies from our partner with a 100% success rate in its deployment, from PoC/PoV to Production.

Role of BoldTek

With its plethora of experience in delivering high-end technology services to its clients with the primary objective on delivering innovative solutions with the Application Management portfolio, Data Analytics & Visualization, AI, Machine Learning and implication of Cloud Services, BoldTek acts as the System Integrator which can deploy and deliver the technical requirements as per the need, thus expanding its reach and innovation scale in the global market with the integration of SmartConnect IoT Solution.

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