How 5G Technology will change the course of the Internet in India

The Internet has always been a boon for mankind. Right from the invention of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, it has always served us; and today, we cannot even imagine a day without the Internet. As Bruce Sterling rightly said – “the Internet belongs to everyone and no one”. It has transformed us on how to connect with the outside world, organizing the flow of things and sharing information.  Today, there are 3.97 billion internet users worldwide with China leading the countries with the highest number of internet users of 854 million (source: statista).

Growth of Internet usage in India

India has always been a technology hub for the global market. But, unfortunately, the usage of it has never been the case likewise. Slow internet speed with high pricing has been the major factor for the lesser usage of the Internet among common people. But, with the entry of the telecom company Jio in the year 2016, the whole scenario was completely changed. The company started providing 4G Internet services in India at an affordable price. Common people who had to once rely on 2G or 3G data for just a couple of GB’s, has now started using 4G Internet speed in their mobile portable devices. People started embracing the Work from Home culture, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. But that was only possible due to high-speed internet. Looking at this market change, many ISP’s started providing high-speed Internet at affordable prices and thus came the revolution of the massive Internet usage in India.

Introduction to 5G In India

5th Generation Internet or commonly termed as 5G technology is the next big advancement for a developing country like India. With the huge consumption of daily data usage in today’s time, the people of India are eagerly waiting for the commercial launch of the next level of the Internet. Govt. of India has started the auction process for the spectrum allocation and many ISP’s have also tested its 5G speed in cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata etc. It is expected that the 5G Internet in India will soon be launched by the mid of 2022.

5G Technology in India
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Speed of 5G Network

5G wireless technology is built to deliver multi-Gbps speeds, with zero lag, low latency and more reliable network strength. It is 100 times faster than the 4th Gen, at least in a stable environment. It has been found to have a maximum speed capacity of 10Gbps. Downloading huge files will just be a matter of seconds while streaming full HD videos without lag or blurry screen. There will be complete dominance of the IoT ecosystem with web-enabled smart devices. The master project of smart cities by Govt. of India will also be streamlined with the Internet of Things (IoT) with the adoption of the 5G cellular network technology.

Hence, we can say, the Internet is the fuel for running any tech-driven innovation & development and with a stable and high-speed internet technology like 5G network, a country like India can make the best out of it with the enormous talent of the workforce it has which can play a big role in making the Digital Transformation, a dream well thought of.

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