How SEO Helps Business Grow

Today’s era is all about being Digital, be it in Education, Health, Finance or Consumer Discretionary whichever sector you name so. Not only been limited to big industrial sectors, but even SMBs of varied fields are also highly dependent on upgrading their businesses on the Digital platforms. As so, the need for employers in seeking employees with Digital Marketing skills has grown exponentially over the years.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

In layman’s terms, any form of Marketing which is done through the use of digital mediums is known as Digital Marketing. There are various components that are mainly associated with Digital Marketing, which every Marketing professional must be aware of to boost his/her business in this fast competitive world. A few of these components can be termed as SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC Ads, Web Design & Analytics, Content Marketing and Email Marketing among others.

However, in the context of this blog, I would highlight the importance of SEO and how it makes a significant impact on any Business growth.

What SEO Means?

Search Engine Optimization or commonly abbreviated as SEO is the optimization of web content in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. to make it more relevant for the algorithms to rank the page or website at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

SEO was introduced in the year 1991 as during that time, the world’s first website was launched which soon was crowded with many more in the later years. However, the practice really kicked off when in 1996, Sergey Brin and Larry Page built the most recognized search engine; BackRub, which eventually got the name of our beloved Google, which later registered as a domain in the year 1997. (History Source: A Brief History of SEO )




How SEO Works?

The biggest question for any individual or business owner is on the technicalities of how Search Engine Optimization works or rather how this mechanism can help in the growth of any organization. To understand this, let us first know about the insights of this practice.
There are basically 3 different types of SEO; On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO.

A. On-Page SEO: Any optimization related to the website or web pages content in order to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages is referred to as On-Page SEO. Here it is mainly related to how users revamped their content by using different keywords specific to their niche.

In order to rank a user’s website or page in the top results, 2 factors play a very important role which is worth mentioning; Meta Title which is nothing but an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Another one is the Meta Description, which is also an HTML snippet element that showcases a brief description, summarizing a page’s content.

A pictorial representation to showcase the Meta Title & Meta Description for BoldTek homepage

B. Off-Page SEO: This technique is mainly associated with action taken outside of your website to get high traffic in the form of website visitors in order to rank at the top of the SERP. Various tactics can be used for Off-Page SEO such as Social Media Marketing, Blog Writing, Backlink Generation, Forum Submission, Business Listing to name a few.

C. Technical SEO: This form of Search Engine Optimization mainly deals with the technicalities and resolving of the issues associated with the website such as broken links, unresponsive pages, low page loading speed etc. Professionals can regularly monitor their website’s performance through the use of various analytics tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush etc in order to get a better understanding and performance of their website.

Why SEO Is Important?

Till now, we have got a basic understanding of SEO and its working mechanism which might help you in getting a brief knowledge of this technology. Now coming on to how exactly it is important for businesses in their overall growth. Well, for that, the answer lies in its working mechanism. As you know, the growth of any business in today’s time is mostly dependent on its digital presence where the brands can make a significant impact of it in front of their online audiences and these audiences in return can turn into prospective buyers while visiting the websites and avail of the services or buy the products.

In the context of SEO, studies also reveal that the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks in the SERP which eventually impacts the overall increase in the ROIs of the companies.


Business Growth

                            Business Growth

Future of SEO

Many a time you might wonder what’s the scope of SEO in the future or even will this technique exist in the next 5 years. Hmmm, sounds quite interesting if you see the current trend in the market where everything is getting automated and on top of that, the emergence of Web 3.0 might also change the whole course of action for this decade long effective mechanism.

Well, though you can automate a few tasks to simplify your SEO tactics like Site Monitoring, Rank Tracking or Backlink Analysis, but, you cannot completely robotize this whole process as because the human intervention in this mechanism still implies high relevancy and its dominance will definitely be seen in the coming years by some form or the other even after the introduction of the next web version on how humans interact with the digital platforms.

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