25+ Years of Pioneering IT

Big bang illustration.

The BigBang Origin!

Founded BoldTek with a pure passion to help future clients deliver values faster!

Focused man in a blue suit on a dark blue background looking at a laptop screen.

Focused on our Foundation

A Core Team of local talents started to rock, one thing was in common – all believed in innovation, fun, collaboration

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Global clients across the world started to notice us ! Look what was possible!

A Commitment to deliver, have fun and succeed continues to organically grow.

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Power of innovation demonstrated to few Global client!

No matter where we live, it is the spirit to win and have fun!

A golden trophy on a blue background representing rewards at Boldtek.

Expansion & Awards

Exciting reality, growth and power of Innovation meets minds of the team and our precious clients.

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Resource Build-Up

Increase team strength by scaling up our existing resources with the addition of new team members, globally. Achieving new heights in financial upliftment.

Boldtek's ISO certification.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

BoldTek India was recognized as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company unit by the Governing Board of Progressive International Certifications Limited.

An illustration representing business growth at Boldtek.

Continuous Growth

Strengthening our existing client relationship, bringing new innovations and continuous improvement towards our deliverables.

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Continuous Innovation

Continue to live and express BoldTek each day with our core values and principles!

Inside BoldTek

Our expert team excels in rapid and efficient digital transformation of your business processes.
We redefine the IT industry with the expertise and vision of our leadership team

Meet the Innovation Architects Behind BoldTek

  • Paban Sarma

    Paban Sarma

  • Satish Upadhyay

    Satish Upadhyay

    Program Manager | Office Incharge (India)
  • Madeline Fraser

    Madeline Fraser

    Global HR Manager
  • Sonia Chettri

    Sonia Chettri

    HR Lead | India
  • Viola Wu

    Viola Wu

    HR & Operations Manager | Taiwan

Defining BoldTek: Our Core Principles

Our values are essential to our success, both individually and collectively as a team


Our Mission

Drive progress and excellence by reimagining business processes through digital transformation​


Our Vision

Redefining business success globally through innovative IT solutions​