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Software Developer (C#) – India

Full-time, In office, India
Our Work Speaks for Itself

BoldTek, where persistence and energy flow free, Employees work with vigor, full of glee.

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Camy Wu
BIOS Validation Engineer
Our Work Speaks for Itself

Working at BoldTek is fast paced and exciting.

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Darrell Hughes
Senior Software Developer
Our Work Speaks for Itself

I've been with BoldTek for almost two years now, and I still love going to work every day.

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Viola Wu
Taiwan HR
Our Work Speaks for Itself

At BoldTek, I've found more than just a job; I've found an incredible journey of growth and discovery.

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Rupam Sarmah
Software Developer
Our Work Speaks for Itself

The people that work at BoldTek are fantastic, helpful, supportive, smart, and caring.

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Ronal Hernandez
Software Developer
Our Work Speaks for Itself

Our company has expanded and flourished, opening new opportunities and exciting adventures.

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Priti Rekha Devi
Technical Lead
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